The Windermere Suite

Ceylon Tea Bungalows

Ceylon Tea Bungalows features a collection of 5 rooms and suites that uniquely combine colonial flavour and ambience with chic, modern designer elements.
The once extensive grasslands or ‘patanas’ around Bandarawela and Diyatalawa coupled with low rounded hills were very reminiscent of the English Lake District, and many tea estates in the area, just like our rooms, were named with reference to beautiful towns and lakes back in the ‘home country’.
The Windermere Suite
A large suite in the old bungalow next to the living room with a 4 Poster Bed looking out over the garden and mist-laden hills. It is furnished with a lovely blend of colonial and modern mid-century furniture.
This is a perfect choice for any visitor that would like to experience a more spacious room that retains the colonial ambience of the original property.
Suitable Room Occupancy
  • 2 Adults (Double)
  • 2 Adults / Children (Twin)
  • 3 Adults / Children (Triple)
Note: When clients order a Triple Room, they are always given a ‘proper’ colonial era Teak Single Bed. This bed is especially assembled prior to the guest’s arrival. We do not believe in giving flimsy fold away beds to any of our guests!
Note: This Room feature a large 4 Poster Bed. If you require twin beds, we will assemble a Single Teak Bed in addition free of charge prior to your arrival. Please inform us beforehand in order to get your room ready in time if this is required!

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